Thursday, September 27, 2012

candy corn shortbread cookies

I am obsessed with candy corn. I obtained four bags of it at Rite Aid this week. They paid me $1 to bring it home after coupons/+UPs, it was financially responsible, OK!?.

Anyways, I brought a bag to my parent's house when we got everyone together for dinner one night, you know, so we could share.

And then, I opened a bag at home to use for "potty training treats" . . . have I mentioned that I am OK with the Bun's insistence that EVERYONE get a treat for their #1 and #2 accomplishments? Right.

(I should probably mention the fact that we are not actually potty training at this point, its more like shameless bribery in an attempt to get the Bun interested in NOT pooping in his diaper)

THEN. I brought some to my sisters house for Ladies Fellowship Night to, you know, share some more. I have one bag left. Lord help me. Or come visit so I have an excuse a reason to open it :)

Anyways, my love of all things yellow, orange and addictingly white tipped lead to the following deliciousness:

It was SO easy. And, as my sister so eloquently stated "They are so freaking CUTE!". Seriously. They are.  Easy and Cute :) Just like the real thing!  

What I used:
Candy Corn Short Bread Cookies
Your favorite shortbread cookie recipie
Food coloring
White Candy Quick
Yellow Sprinkles
First, I used Ina Garten's recipe found here. Except I substituted a cup of cornstarch for a cup of flour. To make them more flaky/crumbly. At least that's what I told myself when I ran out of flour. Whatever.

Then, I separated the dough in three equal balls, adding food coloring to two of them. Orange and yellow. It was hard to mix in, and my dough got extra kneaded - which I think it bad for shortbread dough. But its the price I paid for adorable little tri-colored triangles.

After that, I layered the dough in a bread pan lined with plastic wrap in three equal layers (orange in the middle, people!) and put it in the freezer for thirty minutes.

Then I cleaned up the explosion in the kitchen resulting from a too small bowl and an aggressive hand mixer fiasco and put Poopa down for a nap.

When the dough was chilled, I cut in into slices, and then triangles - being sure to add yellow sprinkles to the correct end.

Bake for 18 minutes at 340°. You have to watch them really carefully or then will get too brown. Candy corns do NOT have brown tips, yall. So watch them carefully. Do not walk away and get on Pinterest to look at painting pumpkins to look like candy corn, OK? 


After they are baked and cooled, dip the white end in your melted candy quick. Call your sister freaking out about whether you have to refridgerate said candy quick to get it to set back up. (You do not. You just have to turn on the air conditioning because your house is 79°. Whoops.)

Then, make a cup of coffee, put six on a plate and hide the rest. Because, and I quote, "These things are like crack!". 


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  1. THOSE LOOK AMAZING! You are so freaken cool!!! <3 you!


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